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What Should You Do When Life Becomes Too Complex?

From time to time, it may be that we feel frayed at the edges. This might come as a result of how hard you work from day to day (anyone running a family, a household, and even a career or side hustle is no stranger to responsibility), it might come from constantly putting other people first, or it might just be that things have become so complex in your life that you long for a little more simplicity.

It’s best not to discount that last example, because in our 21st-century world, complexity seems to be the name of the game. Not only have we had to deal with the most unusual start to the decade, but many of us feel exhausted from trying to adapt to a new normal and back again. That’s before you even consider the difficulty in normal life, which can become quite overbearing from time to time. For instance, our minds are only really wired to know of around 150 people intimately, but with the advent of the internet, many of us seem to be managing relationships or at least ‘familiar acquaintances’ in a higher number than that.

So – what do you do when life becomes too complex? In this post, we’ll discuss that and more:

Consider Simplifying Your Online Life

It’s good to lessen how much time we spend online partaking in no-reward activities, such as scrolling social media or keeping up with the latest cultural battle. The internet is useful, sure, but it’s also an incessant and constant noise in the back of our minds, and very easy to become addicted to. It can be good to make sure we don’t look at our smartphones at all at night, then, to take breaks from social media, and to think about what you really need to go online for rather than just killing time. Your mind will reset in this state.

Remind Yourself What Matters

It’s good to sit back and to remind ourselves what matters from time to time. This can seem obvious, but the truth is that if you don’t make actual time for the effort, it can evade you. During a tough time in your life, angel quotes might give you the strength to keep going. Looking at scheduling our time at what actually matters, namely, our families, can also help us cut out hobbies we’re not getting that much from, or think about reorganizing our work duties if possible. From time to time, it can be heathy to do this, because otherwise, you may find yourself living on autopilot.

Ask For Help Where Necessary

Sometimes, it’s good to ask for help. This might involve asking for help from your children, who should really be spending more time helping you clean your home now they’re teenagers. Or, it might be discussing with a trusted and impartial voice about feelings you’re having post-pregnacy. It could mean having a sit-down talk with your partner and discussing issues you’re having so that communication problems never have to be part of that picture. Often, the willingness to tackle issues with forthright speech can make a tremendous difference – automatically bringing everything out into the open rather than ruminating in your mind.

With this advice, we believe you’ll be able to manage and streamline when life feels too complex.

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