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Simple Eco Friendly and Money Saving Home Improvements

If you are hoping that the cost of heating and cooling your home is going to go down rather than up at some point, you are probably going to be disappointed.

The fact that global energy demands continue to rise and because we have a finite amount of fossil fuels and other traditional sources of energy, we all need to try and be greener. This is not just about saving money but saving the planet, if the climatologists are correct.

The good news is that there are some relatively easy and practical home improvements that you can make to your home which will help you achieve the goal of keeping a lid on your household running costs, as well as being more environmentally-friendly at the same time.

Upgrading your lights and making the switch to energy-efficient LED bulbs is one quick and easy to be eco-friendlier.

These LED bulbs produce less heat emission and do not involve any toxic materials so they tick a lot of the right boxes. They may seem expensive at up to $10 per bulb compared to an old-fashioned one that you might be using right now, but you actually get your money back in savings with an ROI of 100% in little more than 2 years.

This infographic shows you four quick and easy ways to save green by going green and when you look at the monetary savings than can be achieved on your energy bills as well as the positive impact you will have on your green credentials, now seems a good time to consider making these changes.


Infographic via Avant.com.

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