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4 Fun Party Games To Play With Teenagers

How to have a virtual birthday party

Teenagers are notoriously difficult to please as they always seem to have a negative view of things. Okay, that’s not entirely fair, but teenagers definitely like to tell you what is and isn’t cool. If they don’t like something, they’ll let you know! Like our virtual birthday party.

On that topic, here are 4 Fun Party Games To Play With Teenagers that are really great options. You can get them out at parties, on holiday, or whenever you and the kids are bored. Let’s take a look:


This is a fun game that some of you might remember from your own childhood. It doesn’t involve any equipment, and it’s perfect for rainy days. The aim of the game is simple; avoid eye contact at all costs. Everyone sits in a circle staring at the ground, then one person shouts GO! On this mark, everyone has to look up, but if two people make eye contact they have to scream and play dead. The most dramatic deaths get a bonus point, but the overall winners are the last two left alive!


Want an outdoor activity that keeps teens occupied for ages and can also be super fun at parties? Look no further than cornhole! A lawn game that involves throwing small square bags filled with corn kernels into a hole. The hole is cut into a raised platform, as you can see here: https://www.cornholeworldwide.com/themed-cornhole-games/. Obviously, the aim of the game is to get your bag into the hole as many times as possible. Each person has a set amount of bags, and whoever gets the most in the hole wins. It’s super fun, easy to play, and a great summer outdoor party game. 

Pass the bomb

Do you call this a board game or a table game? Either way, Pass The Bomb is a game that involves lots of different cards, a die, and one toy bomb. When the button is pressed, the bomb starts ticking. It can go off at any time – sometimes almost immediately, other times after many seconds. The cards will include letters on them, and your task is to say a word that includes those letters in that order. The die is important as whatever it rolls on determines if those letters need to be at the start, end, or middle of the word. As soon as you’ve started a word, you pass the bomb to the person next to you. Whoever holds the bomb when it explodes loses the round and takes a card. The fewest cards win!

Hide & Seek

You’d think teenagers might find this childish, but I don’t think anyone truly grows out of hide and seek. A really fun and classic game to play when you want to kill time or have some fun. It’s self-explanatory really – if you need help knowing how to play hide & seek, I’d be concerned!

All four of these games will have your teen laughing and enjoying themselves. They’re great for parties, holidays with the family, or just when everyone feels a bit bored. 

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