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When you need to buy a gift for a boy, your first thought might go to video games. But, not every boy likes video games, so you might have to think of something different. Fortunately, there are plenty of great gift ideas that do not involve a screen and controller. 

1. Lego Sets

Kids love to build and Lego makes sets that keep boys entertained for hours. The best Lego train sets also give boys time to play with what they’ve built. Lego sets include instructions and all of the necessary pieces kids need to complete the set. Many of the sets include remote controls and electronic pieces so kids can get their trains running on their tracks. 

2. Make-believe Toys

One of the goals of playing is to build the imagination. Kids may not realize this, but their parents should. When buying toys for boys, consider toys designed for make-believe play. These include things like fort-building equipment, kinetic sand, and science sets. Consider the age of the boy before you purchase toys that build the imagination. Younger boys also like to play dress up, especially if there are masks, capes, and gloves involved. 

3. Sports Equipment

Boys like to move, so sports equipment is often a good choice. Soccer balls and basketballs are good choices because boys do not need much else to play with them. If you know that a boy has a favorite sports team, you can always buy fan gear, like decals, socks, hats, and tees. Scooters, longboards, and skateboards are also good choices, especially for boys who are moving into their teens. Inflatable kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, and hammocks can be fun for teens who like to get outside. Don’t forget about glow-in-the-dark sporting equipment as well as outdoor fun games like corn hole or ultimate frisbee. 

4. Board Games

Board games are great gifts for people of all ages and boys are no exception. From decks of cards to classic games, you cannot go wrong giving boys games that they can play with their friends. Kids need to have reasons to get together in the same space and boards games do this. While you are looking around for board games, remember there are lots of new games that people enjoy playing. Just remember to keep them age-appropriate because some games are geared for adults and are not appropriate for children at all.

5.  Art Supplies

Art supplies might not be your first choice for gifts for boys, but boys like to do art. A set of high-quality colored pencils and art notebooks can make a big difference in the life of a boy who likes to do art. Boys who like comic books might enjoy making their own comic book and there are art sets that do just that. Some boys prefer their art in the form of music, so a new guitar, keyboard, or music lessons might be perfect for them. Art supplies also come in the form of kits that teach kids how to grow their own crystals or make their own wooden cars for example. 

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