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Being a Supportive Husband: How to Help your Wife in her Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Journey

Once the high of the actual birth has passed, the both of you might be faced with a few challenges you may not have expected. People handle postpartum differently than others, and in some cases, this is where your strength as a couple will be tested. Your wife may now have to deal with a whole new body, and it may have an effect on your love life. But if you want to get your wife back, she’ll need your support, and it’s important that you put her needs first during this period. If your spouse is trying to lose post-pregnancy weight, here are a few tips to help her along the way.

Remember that it’s Her Issue First, not Yours

While your wife may not look like the woman you fell in love with, you never want to make her feel like her weight is your problem. She’s the one who has to deal with the excess weight, not you. While it may have an effect on your life, it’s your responsibility to help her. And if she’s not ready to get back on track yet, do not force anything. Once she’s ready to be active and has committed to losing weight however, it’s also your job to remind her of her objectives and keep her motivated.

Say Something Nice, or Nothing at All

The worst thing you could do is start nagging her or making thinly veiled comments about how she looks now or how she used to. People rarely do things because people have shamed them into it. They will actually often do the exact opposite; maybe as a coping mechanism or simply to spite the other person.

The only time when you should say something is if they’re in complete denial. Maybe they don’t realize that they’re severely overweight and still think they’re fit. In these cases, it’s your duty to tell them that they’re embarking on a dangerous path. But other than that, keep negative comments to yourself.

Set an Example

If both of you used to be active, do not completely change your habits just for her. You can spend more days in with her if she needs help with the baby or is simply out of it, but let her know that you won’t stop your routine for her. And if she’s trying to make better food choices, then encourage her by eating whatever she’s eating too and don’t complain.

Watch Out for Overeating Triggers

If your spouse has to deal with postpartum depression, she may turn to emotional eating as a refuge. But your behavior could actually trigger overeating episodes, and you need to identify them as quickly as possible and avoid them if you can.

If you notice that she eats whenever she feels bored or after arguments, then try to do something about it. If she’s doing it to chase boredom, then maybe you could plan some outdoor activities together. Or you could start a low impact weight loss routine and use a sauna vest to boost your results. Sauna vests can help boost your workout by stimulating your body heat. This is a great way to burn more calories without having to do high intensity exercise.

If her overeating is caused by stress on the other hand, try to find ways where you can help. Maybe she’s trying to do everything at once and be a super mother, so try to help her whichever way you can and ask everybody else in the house to help too.

Supporting your spouse during this important period is important for you as a couple and your future as a family. Make sure that you put her interests first and help her reach her objectives.


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