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Diffusers vs Humidifiers: Which Are Better for Your Indoor Environment?

Does your home get to smelling kind of rank in the winter? How can you make this home smell better even when it is not good to open windows for a nice cross-breeze? People can use diffusers, or humidifiers to make indoor air smell better. Deciding which technology to use can be difficult and confusing without having a few facts to guide you.

Deciding Which Appliance to Use Depends On Factors

Whether you choose to use a diffuser or a humidifier may depend on your needs as well as your preferences. You can click here for information on diffusers from one company and you can go to other sites for information on humidifiers and other products. What are the problems with the air in your home? Is the air dry? Does the dry air contribute to dry skin and static electricity? Does the dry air make it harder to breathe? Are family members getting colds, flu, and allergies?

Additional irritations with winter air in the home are bad smells and a lack of fresh air. In the summer when cooking smells are bothersome, we just open the windows and air the house out. Not so during cold weather. People can also get sick more often during the winter months when they can be cooped up in a home with dry air and not enough ventilation.

What Do Humidifiers Do?

Humidifiers come in several forms including central humidifiers, evaporators, steam vaporizers, impeller humidifiers, and ultrasonic humidifiers. Humidifiers come in different sizes for humidifying the whole house or one room.

Humidifiers add moisture into the air in a room or a whole house. How it accomplishes this depends on the type of humidifier. Central humidifiers are built into the home’s HVAC equipment and humidify the whole house. Evaporators blow moisture through a filter where it is distributed by a fan. Impeller humidifiers use high-speed rotating disks to distribute moist air into a room.

Steam vaporizers are powered by electricity and water is heated, then cooled before being distributed into a room. Ultrasonic humidifiers produce a cool mist that is blown into a room.

Humidifiers are popular with people who use them to relieve dry skin, sinus headaches and congestion, dry throats or irritated noses, bloody noses, dry coughs, cracked lips, irritated vocal cords, and other symptoms of too dry air in a house. Moistening the air with a humidifier helps with all of these conditions.

But, if a humidifier is used too much and makes the air too moist problems such as dust mites, mildew, harmful bacteria, or mold can happen. People using humidifiers should also use a testing tool called a hygrometer to monitor the moisture levels in the home and keep them at between 30% and 50% humidity.

What Are They, And What Do Diffusers do?

Diffusers are smaller machines that come in different sizes, types, and shapes. Diffusers distribute essential oils into the air to make it smell better. They take small droplets of essential oils and then mix them with water in their tanks and distribute them like a mist. The types of diffusers are the nebulizing diffuser, the ultrasonic diffuser, the heat diffuser, and the evaporative diffusers.

Diffusers are helpful for enhancing moods in a room with the right essential oils, they can reduce the number of bacteria and fungus in the air, they can help people breathe better, and they can come with special lighting features to increase energy levels and help with mental fatigue.

But diffusers have some downsides also including, noise levels, being little costly, small water tanks that need to be filled more often, and those LED lights can be annoying. You must use distilled water rather than tap water in diffusers.

Is there a Combination of Humidifier and Diffuser?

There are machines that are a combination of both. It is important to choose carefully and read the safety instructions and cleaning instructions for these combination machines. You must keep these machines clean so that you don’t get mold developing and sent out into the room.

Make sure this device does a good job of both humidifying the room and distributing the essential oils you want. Look for product ratings and customer comments. The main reason some humidifiers do not have essential oil distributing capabilities is that their plastic tanks can be damaged by the essential oils. A combination device must address this problem with receptacles for the essential oils that will not be damaged over time.

Some people find that their family needs are better served by using both devices separately as they need or want them. The humidifier serves a very good purpose in adding moisture to a room. Some people don’t like added scents. Some people want the diffuser to operate at certain times independent of the humidifier. And some people don’t need a humidifier in the summer but want the choice of having the diffuser operating in the summer also.

One thing is certain, it is important to have healthy air in a home all year long. When it is too dry, it needs to be humidified. If the air smells bad or stuffy, it needs to be treated to smell better for people stuck inside for the winter. There are both health and happiness issues with a home’s air quality and moisture level. It will be worth the money to purchase a humidity tester such as a hygrometer to test moisture levels. Testing the air quality in a home is also important in that poor quality air can actually make people sick.

Every family should do everything they can to make sure they are breathing as much fresh air as possible and that the indoor air quality is kept at a healthy standard. Some studies have shown that indoor air quality can be worse than the polluted air in large cities. But, we can all improve the air quality in our homes with a little effort. We can use humidifiers, air filters, and diffusers to make the air we breathe every day healthier.

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