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Custom DIY Curtains

If you are looking for an inexpensive but creative custom look for your windows here is a great option. We have a wall of windows that I have let go without character for many months now. Since we had renovations done and the colors changed I have not found the right curtains to go on this wall. When I would start shopping for what I had in mind it quickly got very pricey. I love the look of floor to ceiling length. I also wanted the specific colors I had used on the walls and for my accent colors and it was hard to find. That is when the DIY in me came out! This is how I created custom curtains for about $25.

Start with Canvas Drop Cloths. I purchased 2 packs of the Blue Hawk Canvas Cloths 6ft x 9ft from Lowes at $10 each. There are many size options so measure and see what works best for you. Our windows are 5ft x 3ft and so the 9ft length was perfect for the ceiling to floor look I wanted.

DIY Custom Curtains: How To Make Curtains From Canvas Drop Cloths

Lay out your canvas and lay out your design. This is wear you can get creative. I had several ideas in mind so I laid them out to compare. I decided to not use the brown and to go with the orange ribbon I purchased at Wal-Mart. One was a satin ribbon by the spool that was only $1 per roll. I also had a stunning orange with sequins that was sold by the yard. I only got 1 yard to see how I liked it. (I loved it so I went back for more. A total of 4 yards.)


I choose to use the blue that I used on the recycled tables on the curtains. That would give the room a complete and custom look I wanted. To do this I used painters tape and marked my line. I used a paint roller to lightly apply the paint.


The only supplies used were the hot glue gun, paint roller and scissors.


Here is a close up after I removed the painters tape. I then used the hot glue gun and glued the satin ribbon along one edge.


I put the “fancy” ribbon on the other side of the blue stripe. Again with the hot glue gun. Glue the ends of the ribbon on the back side of the canvas for a clean look.


Let it dry over night. Use the curtain clips to hang from the curtain rod. These clips can be found by the shower curtains or curtain rods at Wal-Mart or Lowes.



DIY Curtains 2

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  1. Thanks for the diy, Heather. I searched on this while trying to find out how to do this. I’d read about it before on Pinterest, but decided to make my own curtains. I think I skimped on the fabric, so the curtains don’t cover the entire window adequately. I’m going to try this again but w/ the drop cloths.


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