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Easy St. Patrick’s Day Bark Recipe & Free St. Patrick’s Day Printable Tag

easy bark recipe, easy recipes, chocolate recipes, St Patricks Day, candyI love bark candy but I have never tried making it…until now. I am so excited to share this easy St. Patrick’s Day bark recipe. If I can do this, anyone can. You only need a few ingredients and a few minutes to create this great treat. Perfect gift for St Patrick Day.
 Easy St. Patrick's Day Bark Recipe

Easy St. Patrick’s Day Bark Recipe


1 Wilton Candy Melt – Green
1 Wilton Candy Melt – Black (for chocolate) or White (for vanilla)
Kit Kat Mini Bars crushed
Green M&M’s
Small cookie or cake pan
Wax or Parchment Paper



Line your pan with wax paper.
Sprinkle your choice or candy on the bottom. I used crushed Kit Kat Wafer Bars in some and M&M’s in some.
Melt your candy melts according to instructions.
Pour white or black in a thin layer over the candy.
Pour the green candy melt over that layer.
Tap pan gently to remove bubbles.
Use a toothpick to create swirls or to combine the colors.
Use a spatula to smooth if necessary.
Top with more of the candy.
Put in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes or until hard.
Break apart.


St, Patrick’s Day gift ideas:

    • Get containers from the Dollar Store.
    • Divide into cellophane or ziploc bags and add a St. Patrick’s Day tag like this one.
    • Great teacher gifts or gifts for the neighbors!

Easy St. Patrick's Day Bark Recipe & Free St. Patrick's Day Printable Tag

Print the free gift tag  here.

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  1. I’ve never seen St. Patrick’s Day bark before, but it looks great! I never even knew there were green candy melts. Thanks for sharing the recipe. It sounds easy to make.

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