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H2OGO! Backyard Water Slides Review

It is always a challenge to get the kids outside during the summer. They want to curl up in front of the tv or with a tablet at my house. But, the challenge is made a lot easier with the new line of H2OGO! backyard water toys.

Bestway, Inc. returns in 2016 with an even more exciting line-up of H2OGO! outdoor water toys: H2OGO! Tether Ball Splash, Doodle Glow Pool and the Color Wave Pool. Each is sure to keep the fun going all day and night. 
H2OGO! Tether Ball Splash
The classic fun of tetherball infused with a new level of wet and wild excitement.
H2OGO! Color Wave Pool
Splash around all night long in a rainbow of colors as the H2OGO! Color Wave Pool¹s built-in LED lights illuminate the walls of the pool in an array of five different neon colors. 
H2OGO! Doodle Glow Pool
The fluorescent floor doubles as a blank canvas to create an underwater, glow-in-the dark art show.
H2OGO! Backyard Water slides
Available in single, double and triple models, the patented inflatable launch pad eliminates the belly-flop ³ouch² and smoothly propels riders down the 18-foot slide into the drench pool.
Each of the new products are specifically designed to get kids outside this summer for healthy and interactive outdoor play.   More information can be found in the press release below.
We fell in love with our H2OGO! Backyard Water Slide! It is double so 2 people can enjoy the fun!H2OGO! Backyard Water Slides Review
It was easy to set up and comes with stakes to keep it secure.H2OGO! Backyard Water Slides ReviewH2OGO! Backyard Water Slides Review
Water sprays out the end and side for constant wet fun.H2OGO! Backyard Water Slides Review
Kids run and slide down the blow up slide for super fast slipping.H2OGO! Backyard Water Slides Review
Kids end up in a pool of water after they slide.H2OGO! Backyard Water Slides Review
At our latest family event we pulled out the H2OGO! Backyard Water Slide and immediately started with the laughs, smiles, and slipping and sliding. It was fun for the whole family.H2OGO! Backyard Water Slides Review
If you are looking for backyard fun for your kids this summer H2OGO! Backyard Water Slides are a GREAT option! Sure to bring hours of outdoor fun and lots of smiles this summer.
You can purchase H2OGO! Backyard Water Slides at your nearest retailer or on Amazon here.

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