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HOT! How To Save 10 Cents-a-Gallon @MurphyUsa

Yes it is TRUE! This morning Murphy USA and Walmart announced their partnership to help us save money on gas! I told you about it as soon as I heard the news. Be sure to read all the details about the Murphy Usa and Walmart gas rollback promtion.It is BIG! I had to go try it and see if it was true. Is there a fee? Is there a catch? I wanted to bring you the facts.

This news came at the perfect time since our card was almost on empty! Today we needed to try out the promotion from Murphy USA and see if we could get cheap gas! So I set out to Walmart with the kiddos to get a gift card. To see my entire experience check out my slide show here.

I know this will seem crazy but I have not bought a Walmart gift card. I am probably one of the few that has not. So we had to search for where to find them. But to my surprise and delight I found them at most of the checkout lines. There is a huge selection of gift cards all at one place. At the top you can see the Walmart cards. I choose the one with the gas image so that I would remember this card is for gas only!
I asked the cashier what fees would be taken out. I assumed this card was like some others where there is a purchase or admin fee taken out upon purchase. But the answer was “none”. Whatever I gave her was put directly on the card and then turned directly into my gas money! You can see her my $30 was put directly onto the card.
Then we loaded up the car and went across the parking lot to MurphyUsa. I was super excited to see the price of gas had dropped again. This morning it was at $3.35. When I got to the pump I could see the 2 prices clearly on the pump. One price is the regular price and the other is the price with the Walmart card. It shows the 10 cent difference.
When I put my card in it showed me the balance so I knew what I was working with. Normally I am not happy about getting gas! I dread it! But today was a new story. It was fun to know that I was saving more than the person next to me just because I had my Walmart card.
After the fill up was done I printed the receipt as proof for me and my husband that it was true. I knew my husband would be skeptical too! Here it is in black and white!
So for the next 3 months I have an updated plan for my budget. Instead of setting aside our gas money each week, we will go to Walmart and put the gas money on a card. By doing this we will not need to run into the store each time we need to fill up. The cards will be on hand and ready to use at Murphy USA .
For this weekend, I am very excited because this means we will go on a mini vacation. We had decided not to because gas is so high. But with this announcement from Murphy USA and Walmart we can travel on a budget! Every single dollar does make a huge difference in our family budget!

More details:

The discount applies to gas purchases made when using a reloadable Walmart gift card, reloadable Walmart MoneyCard or Walmart Credit Card from June 29 through September 30, 2011, at participating locations

Some states have limitations or are not participating. Visit Murphy Usa for more details by state.

Click here to get a card

Click here for a complete list of participating Walmart and Murphy USA locations

Save 10 Cents-a-Gallon with Your Walmart Card FAQ from MurphyUsa

Walmart Press about Gas Rollback

“This post  has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias.  All opinions are my own.”

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  1. Flash Foods has been doing .10 cents off May 30 till July 30 the only problem you have to have a Go blue card thru there company. Thanks for posting will be looking at Murphy’s when this ends.

  2. That’s so cool that you guys can go on a mini vacation now! I am loving the lower price on gas.:)

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