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How To Get Started with Hydroponics Indoor Gardening

How To Get Started with Hydroponics Indoor Gardening

I love my outdoor garden! During the pandemic, like many people, I took up a new hobby which included gardening. I started a vegetable garden and love with Spring comes around to start planting again. I still have a not so green thumb, but it is not a black thumb anymore! I’m learning as I go. I’ve always wondered how people grow their vegetables indoors and been intrigued by the whole idea of hydroponics. I really wanted to know how to get started with hydroponics indoor garden. So I started to give it a try and it is so much fun and easier than I expected!

How To Get Started with Hydroponics Indoor Gardening

First you need a hydroponics garden system. There are many options with the most common being the AeroGarden. But I went with the iDOO 12 Pods Hydroponics Growing System.

I purchased seeds separately because particular model does not come with seeds, but I wanted a variety anyway. The growing system comes with the pod holders, pod/ sponges (like soil), domes to keep moisture in the pods, labels, and extra supplies if needed.

The seeds I purchased were the Heirloom Hot Salsa Growing Seed Packets and Sweet Yards Seed Co Lettuce.

Setting up was a breeze!

It’s so easy to set up. Attach the light and fill the bottom with water to the full line. Cover and plug in. The water will start to flow using the water pump.

To get started with Hydroponics Indoor Gardening after you set up the system you start with the seeds. Simply put a few seeds in a pod then put the pod in a pod basket and stick it in a hole in the machine. Be sure to add the label sticks. I forgot and now it is a mystery as they sprout. Cover each pod with a little dome to keep the moisture in as it gets started.

As they start to grow you will see the little dome start to lift. That is the time you need to remove the dome. And then they grow big and tall! They literally sprout more each day. It is so fun watching them a little larger each morning!

The Hydroponics System

This hydroponics system is nice because it has a timer that does all the thinking for you. There are 2 settings. You can set it to vegetables or fruit depending on what you planted. Then it starts a cycle. It will not reset unless you power off or change to the other setting. Once set to the correct setting it knows when to run the water pump. It is so quiet; you will not hear it! The light will auto shut off and back on for optimal growth. It also determines which lights for the seed’s needs. For vegetables the lights run for 16 hours and off for 8 hours, automatically. The timer starts when you first turn it on. There isn’t anything to adjust.

So, the hydroponics system is a brilliant way to grow your own plants indoors, anytime, anywhere. I have it set up on my kitchen counter so I can smile as I watch them grow. It’s so fun! After setting up the system I literally just watched. It is so much fun and easier than I expected!

Why does it work? It is the optimal light and water and cycling. It is amazing and it really works!

Watch my garden grow!

March 4

March 6

March 7

March 8 – When the little pods start to lift up as the little seeds sprout, you will remove them.

March 9

March 10

March 11

March 13

March 14

How To Get Started with Hydroponics Indoor Gardening

So, if you are wanting to try hydroponics please take these tips on how to get started with Hydroponics Indoor Gardening — I say DO IT!

How To Get Started with Hydroponics Indoor Gardening

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