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Living In A Bubble: Why I Like My Happy Place

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We talked this weekend about the Malaysia Flight and other major issues happening in our world today. Up until Saturday I really did not have much information on what was happening with the missing flight or anything else.

You see, I am a work at home mom. My day consists of working online in specific areas and chatting online with specific people. It includes animated shows like FROZEN playing on the TV. Usually those are on DVD or Netflix. I never watch the news. I do not get out much. I am not connected with outside things. On the rare occasion that I do get it out it is with my kids and I like to talk to people. Yes, I am living in a bubble.

This weekend my husband was trying to understand me.

Him: “If you saw a plane flying and suddenly it disappeared, what would you do?”

Me: “I would think it went behind a cloud.”

Him: “What if it was a clear day?”

Me: “I would assume I missed something or blinked. I would not think anything of it.”

That is when we realized my happy bubble is also a fantasy land. He does not get it. How can I not immediately think something bad just happened and something horrible is about to happen with very bad people?

Later that weekend, I was talking to my mom about strangers. We discussed the dangerous people in our world and how we have to be careful. I told her the same thing about my happy bubble. I want to believe people are good. I want to believe that I can talk to strangers at the store and brighten their day without being suspicious of them. This makes me happy.

Sure, I could live in fear every day of the people walking around me, the people around my kids, the things happening in our world, conspiracy theories. But honestly, I prefer to be loving and happy. I can not live in that place where I am suspicious of everyone and scared constantly. If I really think about it and focus on it honestly, I would keep my kids and myself in a real bubble and we would never leave our house. I would go crazy with worry and never let them outside to enjoy this world.

I do not want my children to live in fear. I want them to have a healthy understanding of the world. They know what to do if a stranger touches them or if they feel like  they are in danger. I teach them important things like that. Do I tell them what is happening in our government or about the sex trafficking in our own country? No way! One day they can know about those things, but not today.

I am completely aware that people do bad, very bad things. I learned 2 people were living “secret lives” the last couple years. People that I believed to be very good were actually very bad and hurting people daily. They deceived many people. So I know, but I don’t want to dwell.

Maybe I need to open my eyes more and see the truth. Maybe I should be more scared. Maybe I should watch the news and see what the bad people are doing in the city I live or even around the world. Maybe I should walk with fear and not talk to strangers.

This is my one life to live. God has given me a peace about things. I believe in GOOD. If I want to live in my happy bubble, then perhaps I should. Is that really so bad?

Heather Brummett

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  1. I live in your bubble, too. I would much rather think good things about people than bad.

  2. I love that you’re not cynical. Your view of the world isn’t tainted by all of the bad things that go on in it. I think it’s a really cool way to live! =)

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