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How To Make Valentine’s Day Sweet Pretzel Sticks

chocolate pretzel sticks diy

During the snow days this week we got out the sugar and had some fun! These Valentine’s Day Sweet Pretzel Sticks are perfect for making with the kids. They are super easy, fast and fun! I will warn you that it does it messy! If you are a mom like me, let them have their fun and sweep afterwards!



pretzel sticks

Step One: Melt your candy in a bowl according to the directions

Step Two: Set out your pretzels, sugar and meted candy


Step Three: Dip each pretzel in the candy about half way

chocolate pretzel

Step Four: Sprinkle the end with the candy with sugar

pretzels with sprinkles

Step Five: Set on the wax paper to harden


That is it! In a few hours you will have amazing snacks! These are great little gifts for Valentine’s Day. They are cheap, fun and easy! ENJOY!


sweet and salty pretzels


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  1. Those look like the perfect thing to make with my mom’s group this next week! It looks easy and FUN! Thank you so much, you’re blog is really great!

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