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july 4th.jpgToday was one of those days. Holidays have a way of making us look back and remember. I remember July 4th celebrations at home with family and friends. Just last year we had our best friends over, BBQed, and did fireworks. This year was different. This year was simple. There were no friends or extended family. There were no late night laughs and catching up on life.

But you know what? There was singing, laughing, Cajun BBQ, and lots of simple AMAZING moments. I took in every moment.

Do you know what happens when it is just your simple family? You can take it all in and make memories!july 4th bbq

Before we moved here, life was busy. I didn’t know it then. I thought it was pretty simple, but looking back it was very busy. Life was filled with so many people that I did not see the simple moments with my kidsThe kids were busy, I was busy. While I miss that and all the people that filled our lives, I think this break is nice.

This is the time to focus on my little family completely. Right now my days include my job, taking care of our home and playing with my kids. And when my husband’s schedule allows, we stay up late spending time together. Date nights are not an option for us, but we make quality time any way we can. I now realize that my days are AMAZING!


I am not sure what the future holds. I do not know who we will be with or where we will spend July 4th in the future. But today I realized I need to STOP thinking about what we don’t have and focus on what we DO have! We have each other. We have lots of love and lots of time to spend with each other. I need to stop finding people and things to fill our lives, and just live and enjoy each day with my little family. I think God made us take this time away for a reason.

I just wanted to share my little words of wisdom. You don’t have to move out of the state, or even take a vacation to get away from it all. Try just slowing down and enjoying your simple moments. Spend time with just your little family, however big or small it may be. Make memories and enjoy life because it passes by too quickly!

Heather Brummett

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  1. This is a great reminder for all of us. I don’t know how we manage to get so busy. My husband and I have gotten much closer since our move to South Korea.

    1. I totally agree. It is funny how a move away from it all, really shows how busy our lives used to be. I pray that we can all find time for the important things and enjoy those moments more! Thanks so much for your comment Rachel!

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