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Packing Insanity & International Delight Mocha Iced Coffee Afternoon Pick Me Up @InDelight #IcedCoffee #CBias

This week we have been moving. WOW! It is so exausting. Have you ever moved? This is the first time I have moved from a house to a house. We had eight years’ worth of STUFF to go through and move.  We have decided that we are going to rent for a while until we are ready to purchase a new house. It is all part of the Financial Peace that we are working on. 

Our house was finally ready after I did all the DIY updates: cabinets, counter tops, walls, etc. And now we are moving to an OLD house that has so much character. It is a new opportunity for me to do DIY updates! YEAH! Between the packing, loading, unpacking, painting and taking time to play with the kids and be a referee to their arguments I thought I was going to go bananas! I decided I needed to find a way for this mama to relax and take a deep breath. I needed to take time to recharge!

I heard about the new Iced Coffee from  International Delight . We needed to go to Walmart for more packing supplies so I decided to look for this new drink. Check out shopping experience while searching for this drink on Google Plus. I found the International Delight Iced Coffee in the dairy section of Walmart near the coffee creamer and milk. It comes in Original,  Mocha and Vanilla. My Walmart only had the Mocha in stock when I visited and that was perfect because that was the one I wanted.

It is served over ice and no preparation is necessary. In this Houston 100+ degree summer heat I do not enjoy a hot cup of java as much. This cold drink is the way to cool off and have a mid day pick me up. 

I poured me a glass in my International Delight plastic cup and headed out to the new front porch. I let the kids have time to run wild in the front while I sat for a “mommy time out.” they played horseshoes.

 The Mocha Iced Coffee was smooth and sweet will still maintaining a hint of coffee taste!

My time out ended up being about 30 minutes and after that I felt like I had recharged my battery! I was ready to hit the ground running with the moving again. I was cooler, energized, full and much more calm than before. Thank goodness because there was so much left to do!

If you are wondering if it really tastes like coffee I will say it is the perfect combination or yes and no. What I mean is that I love the hint of coffee taste that it offers while my husband, who does not like the taste of coffee, also enjoyed the Mocha Iced Coffee. So it is WINNER for ALL

I have to also say how much cheaper this is than going and buying an Iced Coffee. I know because during the school year I stop daily and get a cold java from McDonald’s or Starbucks. For the price of 2 drinks from a drive through you can make at least 4 or 5 cups at home! Perfect for moms on a budget like me!

As of May Sam’s Club is now offering the Iced Coffee by International Delights in 2 packs. Ours is not in yet but it will be on my list when it does hit the shelves. That will make these afternoon treat even more affordable and enjoyable!

Now back to packing and unpacking!

Stay connected with International delight and learn more about Iced Coffee and other fabulous favorites!

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