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Successfully Navigating the Woes of Your Teens

The life of a teen is never easy. But, if you remember your early years, it’s almost guaranteed there are things you would rather forget. Changing hormones, cerebral development and trying to make sense of the world puts a lot of pressure on your teenage children. And with the accessibility of social media, modern teens face more challenges than any generation before.

Address Bad Behavior Head-On

It’s quite the stereotype that teens get into trouble. This is far from the truth. Most teens are well-behaved, and some give in to peer pressure and turn to drugs or alcohol (https://www.sunshinebehavioralhealth.com/colorado/aurora/) or hang with the wrong crowd. However, it is almost guaranteed your charming teen kids will step out of line a little as they become self-confident and take it out on everyone else. It is helpful to address issues head-on and hide your teens through any problems. Mostly, they think you don’t understand their issues.

Encourage Self Respect

As your teen develops from a child into a young adult, they go through specific changes that we are all aware of. Some of these changes make a stronger case for looking after yourself. For example, adolescence brings body hair, sexual maturity and the dreaded acne. Yet you can help your kids through these embarrassing issues by teaching them self respect. For example, explain the importance of personal hygiene, have “the talk”, and explain about STIs. Now is also a great time to begin independence. For instance, you could introduce new chores such as washing their own laundry and pressing clothes. 

Listen to their Troubles

It’s a terrible place to be when you think no one understands your troubles. Teens are reluctant to talk to adults about much of the things going on in their lives. Therefore, they sometimes operate with an air of secrecy. However, if you think something is going on with your kids, ask them about it, listen and offer advice. In almost all cases, it’s something trivial and straightforward teen stuff. Yet there’s the chance it could be something serious. For example, bullying is at an all-time high due to social media. Cyberbullying is a real issue affecting almost 40% of kids in the US alone.

Set and Enforce Boundaries

In some instances, your teens become rebellious as they begin to feel more like an adult and less of a children. But they are still children and need more guidance than ever during these years. So while you shouldn’t restrict your teens too much because they will rebel against it, you shouldn’t let them rule the roost either. Curfews and boundaries are an excellent way to keep them in line, and appropriate punishments should be used for breaches. For example, if they break a curfew on a Friday night, take away their PlayStation for a day or change the Wi-Fi password.

Understand They Need Space

The woes and worries of teens are numerous, and it can be challenging to see them go through specific experiences. Losing a friend, breaking up with their first partner, and the pressure of school are prime examples. And while you will want to coddle your kids and tell them everything will be OK, which is excellent, they also need their own space to deal with issues. So it might be best to wait for your teen to come out of their room when they are ready in a terrible situation. However, you should make a point of checking on them to make sure something more serious isn’t happening, such as self-harm, a common de-stress tactic for modern teens.

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