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1. Get there early! This is #1 because it was the biggest tip I have for you! Arrive at the park about 45 minutes before it opens. They will start taking tickets and passes about 20 minutes before the park opens so you have time to walk to Aquatica and put on sunscreen before they open. Best of all we were at the front of the lines and that meant very little waiting! Not only do you get in early but you get to enjoy the park before everyone arrives. We arrived before it opened and it did not fill up until 2 hours after opening. This meant we could ride 4 rides with NO LINES! Trust me later in the day that was not an option.
2. Do not bring your arm floats or life jackets. They will just take up extra space and will slow you down. Aquatica has hundreds of life jackets in all sizes. They are available throughout the entire park. They are FREE!

3. Bring water and small snacks. You are allowed to bring in a small cooler 12×12 and snack sized foods with you. Baby food and formula are also allowed. There is a bag check.

  •   IMPORTANT NOTE: Straws are not allowed! They do allow juice packs but you must remove the straws.

4. Grab a shady place to set your things. When you arrive the first thing you should do is find a place with shade and make it yours. Set your towels, clothes, etc. out to save the spot. Pick a spot that is near to where you will spend most of your time or a central spot.

5. Wear good swim shoes. The ground will probably be very hot and it hurts! Flip flops are likely to fall off in the water so swim shoes are best.
6. Bring sunblock then apply and reapply often!
7. Discovery Dollars! This is a great program that you should use. It works in 2 ways:

  •   Visit a guest center and ask for discovery dollars for the day. You can give them your credit/debit card number. Then you will be given a waterproof braclet that can be used at most locations in the park. It works as cash and you will be charged at the end of the day.
  • You can give them cash. You will be given a bracelet with a bar code on it that can be used as cash at most places in the park. Each time you use it your prepayment will be used. At the end of the day you can visit any guest services and get any remaining money back. This is a great way to keep from over spending too!

8. Bring a waterproof camera. You WILL want to take pictures but do not want to risk ruining your nice camera. You can purchase one at Sea World/ Aquatica but you will spend much less at Walmart.
9. Buy a locker for valuables. They are $7 and you keep a key on your wrist. If you get the discovery dollars you can then put your money, id, etc. it the locker to keep safe.
10. Take it slow. Kids need to soak up all the sun and enjoy each section. There is a lot to see. I suggest planning a full day just for Aquatica so that you can see it all.

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