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Weightloss Journey Updates & Fun Facts

Last week I started my 10 day cleanse with Advocare again. I also found some awesome health and fitness products online that I want to try or am trying and will share with you very soon.

My husband started back on his diet as well. He has already lost 4 pounds! WOOHOO! Why do guys lose so much quicker than we do? I have asked this countless times. But regardless I am excited for him!

I do not have any change to report on my weightloss journey. So, I wanted to share some fun thoughts and facts with you today.

  1. Rain Rain Go AWAY! It has been raining non stop here! We are so over this rain. We try to catch any sunshine time that we can, to do our walks. Little Man and Mighty Man are such great workout buddies! DIY Dog Shampoo For Fleas and Soft Hair
  2. I love my latest CD. EXHALE by Plumb is uplifting and the perfect soundtrack for my walks and workouts. Check out my review here.Christian Music That Rocks! PLUMB'S New Album EXHALE Review and giveaway
  3. Softball is almost over and I have LOVED this season so much. I was the team mom for the first time ever. I am going to share my DIY Lineup Chart very soon.
  4. I am working on my water intake. Do you know how important water is?
  5. I started reading a new book called RUBY. It is on the Oprah 2.0 BookClub list and so far it is great!
  6. I did good on my steps, even with all the rainy weather! wpid-screenshot_2015-05-15-10-16-32.png
  7. Memorial Day is almost here. WOW! Anyone else hoping for somesun shine? Oh, how I would lovesit along the beaches this holiday. The beach is my very favorite place to be. The water, the sand, the breeze.

I hope you all have a very blessed week! Stay on track and work each day to achieve your dreams. I hope you can all get away and enjoy some time in the sun this holiday weekend!

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