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What Will The Weather Be Like This Christmas? You Choose

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas, or do you prefer warm climates? Everyone has a perfect Christmas in mind, whether you love a Winterland paradise or a sunny and relaxed day. 

This year is the perfect opportunity to book a Christmas holiday that will make your festive dream come true. Many holiday resorts are now ready to re-open their doors to families this Christmas after remaining shut in December 2020. here are some of the top destinations for those who dream of a :

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Dreaming of a snowy Christmas

It’s impossible to think about skiing without thinking of scenic Aspen. However, you’ve got some wonderful wintery destinations depending on your preferences. Aspen is a luxury destination. Families, however, will have a lot more fun in Winter Park, a ski resort famous for top snow quality and children-friendly activities. Besides, Winter Park is a lot friendlier budget-wise compared to A-list Aspen resorts. If it’s your first time hitting the slopes (in a long time or ever), you might want to check this helpful snow guideline to stay on the safe side. Snow tires, ski boots, and protective equipment are a no-brainer addition. 

Palm trees for Christmas

Frankly, why should you book a snow trip when you can enjoy Christmas underneath the glorious Californian palm trees? The family vacation guide’s roundup of the best all-inclusive resorts in California is your go-to guide to find inexpensive quality accommodation that will let you make the most of your holiday. The weather in December in California is the warmest in the south. Palm Springs is a popular winter spot for holidays due to its cozy temperature and wonderful location to explore the desert. 

Christmas in tees with Mickey Mouse

If Christmas is all about going down memory lane and reconnecting with the excitement of your childhood, you have to leave it to Mr. Walt Disney to make it truly magical. Walt Disney World offers some of the best entertainment you will find this Christmas. On the occasion of the park’s 50th anniversary, they’ve refreshed the main Street decoration and prepared a spectacular celebration and parade.

Their Christmas 2021 celebrations will last until January 2022, so there’s no need to worry if you can’t book a stay on Christmas day. Besides, Florida’s climate will ensure you can enjoy a warm Christmas wearing your favorite tee and flip-flops. 

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A Winterland fairy tale in Niagara Falls

Ontario, Canada, runs the Festival of Lights every year on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. With millions of lights displaying patterns, animals, and festive silhouettes, it’s impossible to miss the magic of the moment, even if you are watching from New York state. Most visitors agree that they can still get a perfect view of the display from their accommodation bedroom at Comfort Inn The Pointe, located at the entrance to the state park. The event lasts until late February, so there’s no need to rush! You can book your cheeky Christmas stay after spending Christmas Day at home with your family. The weather will be cold and often misty, but the lights will shine brightly to guide your way. 

What’s your favorite Christmas weather? Whether you are after a snowy or a sunny day, there are plenty of destinations in the US to spend the most memorable Christmas of your life.

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