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5 Ways Music Can Relieve Stress

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It’s hard to imagine a life without music. Music does more than entertain us. It soothes our souls, and provides real relief from everyday stress. You might even call it an escape. How many of you find yourselves driving to work on any given Monday, your car stereos blaring rock n’roll and you singing along at the top of your voice? 

According to some experts, music can affect the body in many healthy ways, which is precisely why Music Therapy remains an ever expanding field of study at many universities and colleges all around the world. You can use your favorite music every day to relieve the stress that comes from daily activities such as cleaning your home, paying bills, or while working your job, or while jogging and lifting weights. 

The great thing about music is it doesn’t take time away from your busy schedule. It can actually provide a soothing or inspiring soundtrack for your life from the moment you wake in the morning till you hit the sheets at night. You can even put together a custom playlist for each activity you engage in on a daily basis. After a time, you’ll notice a considerable decrease in stress levels.  

  1. In the Morning

One idea is to wake up with the specific variety of music that will get you off to a great start. By going with the right music, you can literally set the tone for a stress free day. Ambient or classical music is perfect for waking while calming you inside and out. It is also said to help you relax while increasing your focus at the same time.  

Got a busy day ahead of you? Try something a little more energetic like big band or rock. Something that makes you want to get up and dance maybe.

  1. The Daily Commute

Road rage got you steaming? You might try using music to get rid of it. By playing your favorite music on a very good car stereo, you can escape the everyday tensions that come from the hectic drive to work in the mornings. You won’t feel like you’re wasting precious time when traffic is heavy and you’re moving at a snails pace. 

Music will also take your mind away from the stress of knowing how much work awaits you when you get to the office. By playing music in your car, you can turn the morning commute into some really nice alone time. If you’re trying to calm yourself down, play some classical music. If you feel like pepping yourself up, tune in to the SiriusXM 70s and 80’s Punk Rock station. 

  1. Music to Cook By

If you want to be healthy in body and mind you’re going to need to eat right. Eating right promotes good nutrition. Cooking your favorite meals at home is far healthier than eating out every night and/or getting takeaway. Even if you are too tired to cook at the end of a busy day, it still pays to cook your own healthy meals. 

One way to make cooking an enjoyable if not therapeutic experience, is to play music while doing it. Maybe try some jazz while preparing your favorite pasta dish. Open a bottle of red wine, and sip on a glass while creating your meal. 

Also, if your family and/or your significant other is around, invite them into the kitchen for some nice conversation while you cook. They too will enjoy the soothing and calming affects of the background music, even if they are revealing a problem they might be having at school or at work. 

  1. When You Sit Down to Eat

You can also choose the perfect music to accompany your meal. Did you also know that calming tunes such as ambient music, can actually reduce cortisol levels, thereby making the food you consume easier to digest? Recent studies have proven that classical music will not only aid you in eating less, but it will assist in your digestion. 

You will also enjoy your food more, since you will find yourself eating slower. Have you ever noticed that some restaurant chains play rock n’roll throughout the facility while patrons dine? This is done by design so that you eat faster and, in turn, free up the table for yet another party. 

  1. Bedtime

If you wish to remain healthy and alert, you need to get the proper amount of sleep night in and night out. The right amount of sleep is also a stress reducer. It can also help boost your immune system. However, stress gets in the way of a good night’s sleep. One way to prevent this is to play music while you “drift off.” This will help you take your mind off anything that’s got you stressed out. The right music is said to slow down both your breathing and your heart rate so that you can fall to sleep quicker, and sleep sounder.  

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