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I am having a serious pulling on my heart strings right now. I currently work outside the home. I do accounting. It is a great job that I love. BUT…I am not happy with my kids being in daycare. My 4 year old has been in 4 daycares in her little life. Every time something would happen that I did not want my child anywhere near I would move her. Since baby J was born last year they have been in the same daycare. Well here we are again. I am not happy with the daycare. My daughter is learning things that I do not want her to know about at all at 4 years old! And my baby is not getting the attention and stimulation that he needs. This daycare is very expensive because it is suppose to be one of the best. Now here I sit in tears.
What do I do?
I realize I can not protect my daughter from those things I wish she would not know about forever. But is it wrong to do what I can NOW to protect and shield her?
Is it me? Yes I’ll admit I am very picky with who watches my children. Is that so bad? These are MY BABIES! So maybe these things happen at all daycares. I mean I have moved her FOUR TIMES! So am I asking to much of the daycares? Do you just accept the care that they give and work at the job that you enjoy?
My heart is broken right now. This is the only childhood my babies will have. SHould I quit my job and stay home with the kids? I know we would have very little but I would be the one teaching my children! Or do I keep working so that we can live comfortably?
My dear friend Brett at This Mama Loves Her Bargains has been amazing about telling me about how to make it work on one income. I am looking into oppertunities now. Maybe I could work from home. But how do I work from home and not take away from them? Do you make it work? 

I would really love to know if other mothers out there feel the same way!

Heather Brummett

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