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Are you looking for things to do with kids in Galveston? We have a great idea for you! You must visit The Rainforest Cafe and River Adventure Ride in Galveston. This is a place we have past many times but have never entered. So when my kids heard we were going the the Rainforest Cafe for lunch they were so excited! We are always looking for unique places to visit!

Disclosure: We were invited as the media to attend. No monetary compensation was received and all opinions are honest and my own.

A Grand Entrance

From the Seawall you can see the massive Rainforest Cafe and Waterfall. Walking up to the doors you know you are in store for something amazing!  Located inside an erupting Volcano, a life-sized gorilla pounds his chest in the bushes. A trumpeting elephant rears its head. Exotic birds sing and butterflies float under a lush canopy of banyan trees and flowering vines. Cool mists float through the air, amid sounds of far-off thunder and cascading waterfalls. Huge aquariums of tropical fish add a live element.

River Adventure Ride

As soon as we arrived we had to find out more about the Rainforest River Adventure Ride! We purchased tickets inside for $5.99 each. 

You walk through a tunnel to get to the ride. The day we visited there was no line at all, so we walked right in. There is a round boat with spots for about 6 people. It floats on the water. But don’t worry! You will NOT get wet on this ride! This ride is only available at the Galveston location.

You are taken on a journey through the Rainforest along the water. You will see elephants, butterflies, snacks, monkeys, and much more! They come alive and move as you journey through the river. You will take twists and turns as you explore the Rainforest. Another bonus – it was COOL inside which was a very welcome surprised on this 100 degree day. It was well worth the money to take this exciting ride! 

The Store

After the ride we took some time to explore in the store. There was a Build a Bear Workshop for the kids.Rainforest Cafe

We enjoyed looking at the clothing, cups, toys, and more! Bag of Rocks anyone?

The Rainforest Cafe Restaurant

Once lunch time arrived we were starving and thrilled to enter the Rainforest for our lunch. You are truly transported to a rainforest when you enter! We loved the entire environment including the Elephants, Monkeys, Fish, Trees, and more!

Things To Do With Kids In Galveston: Rainforest Cafe and River Adventure Ride Galveston

You really feel like you are in magical rainforest. The animals move and make noises. You will see monkeys flying, butterflies opening, elephants that seems as though they are following you.

Things To Do With Kids In Galveston: Rainforest Cafe and River Adventure Ride Galveston

Every 15 minutes the lightning and thunder starts and it is so magical! Things To Do With Kids In Galveston: Rainforest Cafe and River Adventure Ride Galveston

We loved the extreme fish tanks with colorful fish all throughout the Cafe.

The FoodRainforest Cafe

We were so excited at the options. There was something for everyone. We started out with Cheese Sticks.

I was excited to try the PASTALAYA! It was included Shrimp, sautéed chicken, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, andouille sausage, hot & spicy Cajun sauce, linguini. Joel got the AMAZON FAJITAS and Emma got the the RAINFOREST BURGER. Little man was able to enjoy his favorite- PIZZA! 

The portions were HUGE! You can see the menu here.

For the kidsRainforest Cafe

A MUST for the kids... The adorable animal cups! My little guy picked a FROG and had an ICEE to drink. I assumed it would be a small cup and he would be asking for more, but it was HUGE! It lasted the whole dinner and beyond. Rainforest Cafe

Each kids menu has a fun scavenger hunt included. We walked around the restaurant looking for the items. It was so much fun for the kids.

Plan your visit

We had so much fun at the Rainforest Cafe in Galveston and I highly recommend that you make a point to visit the next time you are in Galveston. You can spend hours there, eating, riding, exploring, shopping  and staying out of the heat.

Rainforest Cafe – Galveston
5310 Seawall Boulevard
Galveston, TX  77551
(409) 744-6000
View Map

Hours of Operation
Sunday thru Thursday: 11am – 10pm
Friday & Saturday: 11am – 11pm

Retail Village:
Sunday thru Thursday: 10am – 10pm
Friday & Saturday: 10am – 11pm

You can sign up for emails here. You can explore here and find out more.

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