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Book Review: Winning Every Woman’s War Defeating Temptations

Book Review: Winning Every Woman's War Defeating TemptationsWe are tempted every single day. Some of us more than others! And some days more than others. It is a constant battle!

I was excited to get my hands on Winning Every Woman’s War by Cathy Messecar and Deanna Kohl. This book is written in a beautiful way. It feels as though I am sitting with girlfriends discussing the everyday temptations and inner battles. The authors are honest and humble and you feel like your girlfriends are confiding in you about their battles. I wanted to pour my heart out as I read the book.Book Review: Winning Every Woman's War Defeating Temptations

This would be a perfect book for a woman’s group or bible study. The format is brilliant. From the camo cover to the training call outs. You have plenty of places to pour your heart out on the pages. There are questions at the end of each chapter, called Tactical Training, for you to do just that. Learn and grow along with the authors.

Other call outs in the book include “Diary from the Trenches” where you write more about your thoughts. My combat prayer with a simple example prayer. There are Armor of God call outs that include a sword, a shield, and a shoe line. “My dog tag” are creative sentences where you put in your name in a scripture. Example: ” _____Your Name___, let your light shine before others they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in Heaven” Matt 5:16.”Book Review: Winning Every Woman's War Defeating Temptations

I love these extra notes and features that help this be a very personal study book!

Winning Every Woman’s War: Defeating Temptations. ACU Press/Leafwood Publishers Book Description: Evil has a coach. A victorious woman has a Savior. “Winning Every Woman’s War” equips women with sightseeing tools to identify the temptations of fear, disrespect, manipulation, comparison, selfishness, judgment, ungodly words, materialism, and more. Coupled with God’s help, the maneuvers help women succeed in identifying and overcoming subtle temptations. Cathy Messecar and Deanna Koehl gear up and arm winning women with a battery of God’s Word and examples to assist in personal battles common to women. This field guide of combat prayers and tactical training helps readers identify and defeat temptations, in addition to calling upon the Lord of Hosts to barricade the souls of their families and friends. Through Scripture, prayer, and Titus 2 mentoring, readers become tender warriors who light the world and defeat darkness.


Book Review: Winning Every Woman's War Defeating Temptations

About the Authors

  • CATHY MESSECAR–in the sandwich generation–speaks at local and national women’s retreats, social and writing clubs. She has authored five published books and wrote eleven years–over 600 columns–for “Houston Community Newspapers,” “The Courier.” www.cathymessecar.com
  • DEANNA KOEHL–author and speaker–resides in Texas and has been married to the cowboy of her prayers for over 20 years. They own a horse ranch where they live with their teenage son and tween daughter. Deanna enjoys sharing God’s truth with teenagers and women.


Get your copy of Winning Every Woman’s War on Amazon now for only $14.99. Consider this for your next bible study or book group. This is perfect!

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