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Brain Brew Coffee Recipe and SuperBody Breakthrough For Weight Loss

I love trying new products to help with my daily performance and my weight loss journey. Today I am sharing why I love SuperBody Breakthrough Major Meltdown and Brain Brew Coffee Recipe. I received product to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.

As you know I am on a weight loss journey to lose 100 pounds! You can read all my posts here. When I discovered Superbody Breakthrough on Instagram I knew it was something I had to know more about! I am currently sticking to a ketogenic diet. That is low carb, moderate protein, and high fat. I am using fat for energy instead of sugar! I’ll explain more about why you need the right kind of fat below.

Brain Brew

You know what the hardest part about this way of eating is? It is sticking to it on the go! When I was in North Carolina I discovered how hard it was to get in all my good fats while eating out and eating what they provided for us. At home I get in the majority of my fats through my diet, my homemade coffee with coconut oil, and my low carb snacks. That is where Brain Brew comes in! Let me tell you about Brain Brew!

Brain Brew comes in super small individual packets that you can easily throw in your bag or purse to eat while on the go. You pop it open and simply add it to your coffee, smoothie, or any other treat. Stir and enjoy.


Brain Brew 2GO 100% C8 MCT Oil, sourced from coconut oil and/or palm oil.

What does it do and why is it awesome? Here is what SuperBody has to say about Brain Brew.

Brain Brew is the ultimate rocket fuel for your body, made from pure caprylic fatty acid – the purest form of coconut oil. Use Brain Brew every day to get a quick jolt of natural energy, suppress your cravings, boost your metabolism, energize your brain, or even as an anti- fungal to maintain a healthy gut. And because your body can use the pure C8 medium chain triglycerides in Brain Brew so quickly, there’s no need to worry about it being stored as fat. Great in Buttered Coffee, in shakes, smoothies, salad dressings, or even on sushi!

Brain Brew Coffee:

Brew 8 ounces of coffee

Add 3 tablespoons of Heavy Whipping Cream

1 package Brain Brew

Use a handheld frother and blend completely.

Brain Brew Coffee Recipe

This brain brew coffee is the perfect way to kick off the day or for a pick me up during the day! With just the right amount of fats and other good brain food, it helps curb hunger and gives you the brain energy to make it through the day on 100%!


MCT are medium-chain triglycerides that have been proven to have many health benefits including weight management, improved mental clarity, more energy, hormonal balance, and so much more! I normally add a tablespoon of coconut oil to my coffee everyday for the benefits but Brain Brew has a formula that make it easy to use and easy to digest for all the huge benefits of MCT oil. You can do a google search for MCT benefits to learn about all the magical powers of consuming this everyday. It is fuel for your body and your brain and I love it!

Major Meltdown

Are you ready to give your body fat a Major Meltdown? You need to check out Superbody Breakdown’s Major Meltdown!


Vitamin B6 (As Pyridoxine HCl) – 18mg
Chromium (As Chromium Amino Acid Chelate) – 300mg
Proprietary Blend – 2566mg
Garcinia (Fruit) Extract
Guarana (Seed) Extract
Bitter Orange (Fruit)
White Willow (Bark) Extract
Cayenne (Fruit)
Green Tea (Leaf) Extract
Uva Ursi (Leaf)
Dandelion (Root)

This revolutionary new supplement uses a unique blend of herbs to light your metabolism on fire and melt away your body fat every time you use it. Our special blend will help you get that “cut” look in considerably less time so you’ll be able to slide into your favorite pair of jeans before you know it.

I love products that are based on science and how our body works. Products that work with our bodies are the best. I love that Major Meltdown is full of vitamins and herbs that help your body burn fat. I have been using the products now for one week and can feel a decrease in my appetite everyday! My energy is up and I can focus more. It is really amazing how that works!

So if you are looking for good clean nutrition on the go you can look no further than Superbody Breakthrough Products. Grab the on the go Brain Brew packets here and the Major Meltdown here. If you have any questions they are ready to help! Be sure to tag them on Instagram in your photos for a chance to win product. Find out about that here.

Be sure to use this discount code at checkout! HB10 and it is for 10% off.

Follow along on their socials for more inspiration on how to use their products.







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