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Easy DIY Fall Wreath

Easy DIY Fall Wreath

We are going into my favorite times of the year. Fall and Winter make me so happy! I love all colors and the change in temperatures. Right now it doesn’t feel like fall here in Houston, but I keep hoping fall weather is coming! So to get in the mood I made this easy DIY Fall Wreath.Easy DIY Fall Wreath

This easy DIY fall wreath is really so easy! I couldn’t wait to share it with you! I got everything I needed at Walmart and it was about $20. So affordable and it can easily be customized! Easy DIY Fall Wreath

What you need:

  • Tulle– 6 Inch Wide 25 Yards Buy-The-Spool for about $2 each. I found a few large rolls on clearance so I picked those up! I got purple, red, sparkle red, sparkle gold, and orange. Beautiful fall colors!
  • Artificial Flower/ Fall Picks– I picked 3 that had the same colors as the tulle
  • Styrofoam  Wreath – I used 16 inch
  • Scissors
  • Tape Measure
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue

Easy DIY Fall Wreath

I feel like pictures tell a story much better than instructions alone so here are some step by step photos.Easy DIY Fall Wreath

Start by cutting your tulle to about 28 inches each piece. You will probably want to cut them down once you are done but to make the loops and install the tulle I recommend you start at 28 inches.

Easy DIY Fall WreathFold Your Tulle in halfEasy DIY Fall Wreath

Place the fold under the wreath to make a loopEasy DIY Fall Wreath

Bring the loop up and pull the ends through itEasy DIY Fall Wreath

Pull tight

Do this over and over and each time pull the tulle tightly towards the one above it to help cover the green foam.

You may want to use hot glue in a few loops to secure the tulle and the knots.Easy DIY Fall Wreath

Once all done, find your floral picks. Carefully stick the end of the pick under the tulle and against the foam wreath.Easy DIY Fall Wreath

Use hot glue to secure.Easy DIY Fall Wreath

Secure on the door with a wreath hanger.Easy DIY Fall Wreath

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