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Eat and lose! How I Am Losing Weight & Getting Healthy- My story!

Do you remember a few weeks ago when I shared my health report with you? It was life changing! I have started changing the way I eat and I am seeing real results! I could not find a perfect diet or meal plan that worked for me so I put some of the ideas together and created my own. Y’all I have lost 14 pounds in 2 months! Some may say that is dangerous or say that it will all come back. That is ok. I know it is not dangerous. The way I was living before WAS dangerous!

I am really not doing anything crazy. I am actually feeding my body what it needs and changing the way I live. This will be a new way of life for me. The number on the scale is just telling me I am doing something right and my body is seeing the benefits. I am so excited that I just had to share this method with you. I can’t promise it will work for you but I can say it is working for me. Not just with my weight but my over all health. I feel 100% better mentally, physically and emotionally!

I start off each day with a smoothie. I have found that the avocados are my magical food! When I eat a smoothie with avocado I can skip my coffee because of the energy and mental clarity it gives me. I have shared my sweet banana smoothie and my strawberry avocado smoothie so far. I will be sharing many more in the weeks to come. I like to experiment each day with something new to keep it exciting. I make sure that all smoothies contain good fat (the avocado), protein (soy milk and Greek non fat yogurt plain), a water base like water or the soy milk, and fiber (fruits, flax seeds,etc.).

lose weight with smoothies

My smoothie contains enough protein and fiber to keep me full through the morning. If I get hungry I snack on almonds or more fruit.

For lunch I have been doing a protein packed meal like turkey burger patty or grilled chicken. I liven them up with vegetables. I either chop and blend them up and make a topping (like this mango salsa) or make a salad.

I usually have a mid day snack similar to the one above.

For dinner I eat with the family. I eat what they eat. I am having things more healthy so that is usually not a problem. I have cut out red meat and cheese to help with my cholesterol. All of our family meals are made with turkey, chicken or fish now. Kale

I finish my day off with a nice sweet smoothie full or spinach or kale and fruits. My son always wants to share these with me so I make extra. It is a great way to get vitamins into his body too!

If I am still hungry I eat a few cups of air popped popcorn.

As you can see I am eating a lot!

  • I am NOT starving myself like most diets suggest.
  • I am NOT counting calories, carbs, etc.
  • I am NOT working out. ( I hope to add that to my routine soon. I am considering the Cowboy workout )
  • I am NOT eating prepackaged foods.
  • I am NOT doing something that takes a lot of effort.
  • I AM doing something full of HEALTHY foods that include the vitamins and essentials my body needs.
  • I AM doing something that is easy and affordable. ( am buying more fruits and veggie but less of the unhealthy food so the budget equals out.)
  • I AM doing something my kids can enjoy and benefit from too!

AND I AM LOSING WEIGHT! I will continue to share this journey with you. Stay tuned!

Please leave any healthy tips you have below. I would love to hear how you put your health back on the right track.

Heather Brummett

I am Heather Brummett . I'm just a real mom, sharing my real life experiences with the world. Thank you for being a part of my world. Here you will find recipes, crafts, fun ideas for the kids, how to work at home, encouragement, inspiration, and the latest news in and around Houston. To be featured or for information on freelance work contact me at inspiringmomm[email protected]


  1. That’s awesome, Heather! Congrats!! Your diet sounds super healthy and it also sounds like your body has been dying to get that extra weight off so it’s just peeling off. I just learned -at the age of 36- that I’m allergic to all things soy (which means its byproducts including things like vegetable oils, hydrogenated oils, lecithin and so many other things that seem to be in everything). I’m also lactose intolerant and allergic to chocolate and pork. The last few weeks since finding this out have gone from denial (still trying to eat 50% of the stuff) to now finally inspecting every bit of food for the ingredients. But in the long run I’ll be much healthier so that makes me happy.

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