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It is late spring/ early summer in Texas and absolutely beautiful! Spring means lots of rain for us. And rain means the grass is growing and the weeds are popping up everywhere!

The other day I was working in the flowerbed. The weeds were out of control after all this rain. I mean, it was BAD! It was really bothering me. I started with one bed and then moved to other areas that needed attention. While working I couldn’t help but think about what spring means. What the weeds mean. And … life!

So as I was pulling and pulling and pulling and totally sore and scratched up from weeds I took time to look at some of them. Aren’t these weeds beautiful? I mean really beautiful! I love the colors and shapes. I wish those would grow in my flowerbed. But the weeds in the flower bed are not pretty at all. Isn’t that the way it goes?

beauty in the weeds

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Is it ugly and annoying or a beautiful experience?

So why am I going on and on about weeds?

Think about the weeds in your life. The inconveniences. The things that are just not right or not supposed to be there. The unexpected.

Think about it.

You know those seasons in life that are just full of weeds and more weeds. You just can’t get rid of them.

But God is working in those weeds! 

Weeds have a purpose! 

Even weeds have a purpose. Looks at this beautiful butterfly that landed on this beautiful weed! It took my breath away! YOU have a purpose too! And you can attract beauty even when you are standing in the weeds of life! Your circumstances have a specific purpose!

Beauty in the weeds

Weeds have a job! 

Weeds have many important jobs. They have unique jobs like soil stabilization, habitat and feed for wildlife, nectar for bees, and more. Just like your circumstances. They are happening for reason. There is a benefit somewhere, somehow, for someone.

Weeds can thrive anywhere and in any conditions!

Are you able to adapt, learn, grow, change with the surrounding and circumstances? God puts up where we are supposed to be at that particular moment.

beauty in the weeds

Weeds grow deep and keep coming back! 

Sometimes things keep coming back. Maybe we have more to learn from them. Are you deeply rooted in your faith?

As one grows older one should grow more expert at finding beauty in unexpected places,

in deserts and even in towns,

in ordinary human faces

and among wild weeds.


Weeds are nature’s graffiti.

J.L.W. Brooks

Finding Beauty In The Weeds

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