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Going on a Facebook Diet

facebook diet A couple weeks ago I made a bold statement and broke up with Facebook. I took it off my phone. I vowed to only check it during business hours. I realized I had a serious problem with Facebook. I was on it way to much. It caused me to be jealous, nosey, lonely, and sometimes sad. It also brings me much joy, but the obsession had taken over. Now I am back to share why I am going on a Facebook diet.

So, on a diet we do things in moderation. We limit calories or carbs. We try to give our body what it needs and rid it of what it doesn’t. Let me tell you why I am doing a Facebook diet.

Last week 2 things happened.

  • My fabulous sister in law shared this post with me. I love how this blogger said it. We don’t see the mess that happened 2 minutes prior to the photo or the hurt behind the eyes. We don’t because most people choose to share the good moments. Well, yes! That is what I do too! And my life is most definitely not perfect. She nailed it!
  • A good friend of mine got very sick after hours. I would not have known it except for the fact that I snuck in a little Facebook time before bed! She shared a quick note on Facebook because she did not have time to text, call, or email everyone and Facebook was her best option. I immediately went to my page and asked for prayers for her. Within hours dozens were praying for her! If I had not “snuck” on to FB and saw that, I would not have known and all those friends would not have been able to pray!

WOW! 2 great eye openers for me! I am the first to say when I am wrong. I use this blog to share my feelings and thoughts. Sometimes they change. And in this case my all or nothing theory did not work!facebook diet

Facebook can be used for GOOD! We choose how we use social media! I am back, but will not let it take away from my family time or private time. This is a diet because it will be in moderation! facebook diet

I will try to remember that it is not the people that are lying or trying to make others feel terrible. It is ME! It is you! We choose how we take it! Remember that everyone has something that they are dealing with. Most of us have lots of messy moments.

Let’s be HAPPY for one another. Let’s thank people for the encouragement every morning. Let’s encourage each other. Let’s rejoice with each other. Let’s brag about our kids. Let’s support each other. Life is too short for anything else.

Heather Brummett

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