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How To Create A Last Minute Birthday Party For Your Kids

chocolate cupcake with white and red toppings

Let’s be honest with ourselves, we are all busy. And, as terrible as it may sound, sometimes time gets away from us and we forget that there are big events coming up. We know that we are not the only parents in the world that have left it to the last minute to arrange a birthday but we want to help you avoid a complete disaster with a quick how-to guide to pull a party together at the last minute.

Great Birthday Ideas That Don't Require A Party

The cake

There are a lot of options that are available for cakes but a lot of them require a few weeks notice. However, making your own cake can be achieved within 24 hours if you are savvy enough. Learning how to make a pj mask cake can seem scary but it is worth it to see their face, especially if they know that you have made this cake especially for them. You can also add a ton of extra cupcakes to go on the side that the grownups will love.

The guests

If you have only given people a couple of days notice, there is a good chance that you won’t get the turnout that you would like. Instead of being awkward, message their friend’s moms and tell them you are throwing a surprise party and you have been keeping it under wraps in case someone ruined the surprise. You might get a few people showing up but we are sure that their cousins and grandparents would be more than happy to attend. You can also consider a virtual birthday party if you need to.

The venue

Last-minute parties are not welcome in most party places so there is a chance you will not get to book somewhere with only 24 hours notice. You can use your own house for the party. This might mean heading out to the toy shop and investing in some garden games and a bouncy house but these are things that you can use again. Using your own house means that you can have an all-day party so people can call by when they are free.

The food

If you are lucky enough to have a good day, get the barbeque out. Sure, it might be the middle of the winter but if the day is mild, get it out. This is a great bit of fun for the kids who will love the novelty of a barbeque in the winter. Plus, you can feed the adults and not be limited by the small menu of a party place. However, if the middle of winter is not good weather-wise for a barbeque, then you are in luck. At this time of the year, there is a load of party food in the shops so that people can prepare for Christmas. Nobody needs to know that the food in your trolley is for a kids party.


All that is important is that your kid has a good day so make sure that you capture the moment on camera. Make sure that you take loads of photos with them and their friends and family so that they can cherish the memories when they are older. Maybe one day you can confess that time got away from you and this was a last-minute party that you threw together.

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