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Teaching Girls and Women Good Body Image

This is a very personal and real topic  that I am sharing with you. I was always a pretty confident girl growing up. Things started to change when I went to college and started gaining weight. In my early twenties I started taking medicines for my thyroid and depression. I have cronic depression and as a result I have been on medicines ever since then. As I get older and hormones and thyroid levels fluxuate I have to change medicines. Now I can not say 100% that it is the medicine causing it or the fact that I feel better and so I eat that causes the weight to continue to climb. I am now at a place where I am not happy with my body. I am very self conscience an unhappy with myself.

My mother has always thought she was overweight. It seems like my entire life she has been on a diet! This is a woman who is beautiful and TINY! She is so small and yet does not have a realiztic view of her body. No matter how often we tell her how small she is and that she has nothing to lose she does not hear or belive us.

That brings me to my daughter. I do not want to teach her to always worry about her size. I want to teach her to be happy with herself no mater what her size. That has caused me to be very careful about how I talk about my body and treat my body. I want her to see a confident mom. I want her to learn that confidence and beauty comes from inside.

BUT I also want to LEARN to really feel pretty and confident. I think she will know if I am putting on a show or if I really mean it.

I have decided to focus on making my body image a priority. We need to be happy with who we are inside and out. I encourage you to do the same!

Let’s talk:

  • How do you encourage your daughter(s) to be confident?
  • Do you battle with self confidence issues?
  • Do you have weight issues?
  • How do you deal with this?

I would love your thoughts and tips! I may feature YOUR tips in a future article!

Heather Brummett

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