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It’s summer! That means you are probably looking for something fun to do to entertain the kids. What if you could do something fun while stimulating their mind and creativity? You CAN! Thanks to the Children’s Museum of Houston’s Summer of Epic Adventure! 12 weeks of fun that you do not want to miss!

Superheroes will come to train during the Summer of Epic Adventure at the Children’s Museum of Houston. Now through Labor Day, Sept. 2, 2013 the Museum will power up and transform into The League – an elite, superhero training institute complete with superhero teachers, action-packed activities, daily epic showdown live performance, character appearances and extraordinary events, so that YOU (the superhero trainee) can beat boredom and all that stands against summer fun! As a superhero trainee, YOU have been chosen to be ever-vigilant for evildoers and super villains who skulk around campus and also to take on The League’s superhero core curriculum which includes:

  • Get Your Gear On – Superheroes can’t rely on their powers alone. Learn how to make your own gear, costume, symbol, gadgets, guides, vehicles and more! We’ll show you how.
  • Train Up – It takes both physical and mental training to be super, and The League will put you
  • Put Your Powers to the Test! – Bigger, better, stronger power. Try out your physical and mental prowess on different challenges which will test the limits of your powers.


The colossal program consists of 12 Epic Adventures revolving around the core curriculums. They are:

Episode 1: Don’t Sizzle Out Epic Adventure (May 23 – 27)

Superheroes can risk danger but humans should not. Superhero trainees will put their powers to the test with wheeled inventions then get their gear on with forensic science, cyanotypes, plastic fusion emblems, UV bracelets, strategies and superhero names. While humans will learn to avoid sun dangers by creating visors and sunglasses in observance of Don’t Fry Day.

Episode 2: Beat the Boredom Bandit Epic Adventure (May 28 – June 9)

(Comicpalooza Character Appearances on Member’s Party, June 8) Superheroes will unite to defeat the Boredom Bandit. Comicpalooza characters will visit The League during an exclusive  members’ party to introduce The League’s Dean of Instruction, Mind Munchie, on June 8. But don’t wait until then. The Boredom Bandit might leave a trail of monotony. Take the Beat the Boredom Bandit Epic Adventure, May 28 – June 9, and get your gear on with plastic fusion masks, superhero names, superhero paper dolls, gyro flyers and forensic science. Then, weaken the Boredom Bandit by training up with iron for breakfast and probability. Finish him off putting your powers to the test with ghost bubbles and stop motion animation.

Episode 3: Ride the Tidal Wave Epic Adventure (June 10 – 20) 

(Dunk Tank Makes Huge Splash on June 18) Evildoers will feel the wrath of dunk. The League will host a dunk tank and water balloon toss on June, 18. Get your gear on with plastic fusion capes and a 3-D chalk artist on June 15. Meanwhile Ride the Tidal Wave Epic Adventure, June 10 – 20, and train up with speed challenges, balloon volleyball and a wet sponge toss. Then, put your powers to the test with marble roller coasters, floating probability, comic book onomatopoeias and themed thaumatropes showing villains being captured. Bad guys beware!

Episode 4: Save the Super Surprise Epic Adventure (June 21 – 30)

(Superman Swoops in for Super-Sized Birthday Bash with Comicpalooza, June 30) Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single

bound. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s Superman! The Man of Steel will “fly in” to celebrate his own birthday and will be accompanied by super friends from Comicpalooza. We’re throwing him a birthday bash complete with “Happy Birthday” singing, supersized “cake”, and dancing to the Superman song on June 30. In the meantime, Save the Super Surprise Epic Adventure, June 21 – 30, and get your gear on with superhero accessories, emblems, locks and Keith Harring action figures. Train up with speed challenges and a wheel of fitness, and then put your powers to the test with iPad comic strips.

Episode 5: Star Spangled Superheroes Epic Adventure (July 1 – 7)

(Kidpendence Day Elephant Toothpaste Patriotic Burst, July 4) Heroes are made in America! Celebrate heroes who have contributed to making America the land of the free and the home of the brave. Join the High Steppers Brass Band as they lead to the jaw-dropping elephant toothpaste patriotic burst on Kidpendence Day, July 4. Take the Star Spangled Superheroes Epic Adventure, July 1 – 7, and get your gear on with plastic fusion and star spangled emblems, pressurized paper rockets, Captain America shields and patriotic bracelets. Train up with a wheel of fitness, and then put your powers to the test with super adventure books and film canister fireworks. Boom! We’re seeing stars and stripes!

Episode 6: Super Dog to the Rescue Epic Adventure (July 8 – 14) 

(World Series of Dog Shows Frisbee and Musical Freestyle Skills, July 11 & 13) Canine companions will raise the woof with their superpowers! The World Series of Dog Shows will unleash talented pooches that can Frisbee and dance. Put your paws up for the Super Dog to the Rescue Epic Adventure, July 8 – 14, and get your gear on with plastic fusion masks, nano invisibility and liquid body armor. Then, train up researching pooch and sidekick stories, and playing the get moving game. Finally, put your powers to the test with canine estimation jars, puppy-pults and snow in July!

Episode 7: Beware the Brain Freeze Epic Adventure (July 15 – 24)

(Lip-smacking Ice Cream Making on National Ice Cream Day, July 15) Most superheroes can withstand the Houston heat. But not everyone can resist a mouthwatering ice cream. Shake, rattle, and roll your way to a tasty frozen treat making your own ice cream in celebration of National Ice Cream Day, July 15. Beware the Brain Freeze Epic Adventure, July 15 – 24, and get your gearon making plastic fusion capes. Then, train up with the get moving game and probability challenge.  Put your powers to the test with shrink dinks, Popsicle memory games, onomatopoeia Freeze! signssurviving the fall and snow in July challenges. Brrr!

Episode 8: Weave a Wild Web Epic Adventure (July 23 – Aug. 4)

(Spiderman Day and Comicpalooza Character Appearances, Aug. 1) Our spidey senses are tingling! Spiderman will swing by with his super friends from Comicpalooza on Aug.1. But before he does, Weave a Wild Web Epic Adventure, July 23 – Aug. 4, and get you gear on with jitter critters, spider hats, paper plate webs, bug rubbings and sticky superhero accessories. Train up with superhero yoga and speed and calculating challenges and then put your power to the test at the amazing maze.

Episode 9: X-Powers Epic Adventure (Aug. 5 – 14)

(PBS’ Super Why Character Appearance, Aug. 9) PBS’ Super Why will turn pages as he vows to defeat summer boredom with a special appearance on Aug. 9. Take the X Powers Epic Adventure, Aug. 5 – 14, and get your gear on with plastic fusion emblems. Train up with sticky situations, guessing games, gravity splatter art, domino runs, superhero ABC, and then put your powers to the test with balance and coordination challenges. 

Episode 10: The Ultimate Test Epic Adventure (Aug. 15 – 22)

With only a few Epic Adventures left, it’s time for superheroes trainees to push their boundaries. Get your gear on with plastic fusion masks. Train up with balance boards and giant Jenga. Then, put your powers to the test with a super-secret quiz, circle logic, strategy games, mosaics, summer adventure books and more. Catch a break from all the action with a comic book artist appearance on Aug. 17! 

Episode 11: Super Sidekicks (Aug. 23 – 28)

(Pirates of the Caribbean Macaw Appearance, Aug. 23)  (PBS’ Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Character Appearance, Aug. 24) Sidekicks play an important role in hero support. They may not get their biggest roles but their powers are just as vital. Get their gear on with plastic fusion capes, and making robot sidekicks. Then, train them up with giant snakes and ladders, estimation, and figuring out who is good or bad with superhero opposites. Finally, put their powers to the test when The Pirates of the Caribbean macaw “flies in” to challenge them on Aug. 23 and PBS’s Daniel the Tiger roars in for special visit on Aug. 24. 

Episode 12: Secret Identities and Everyday Heroes (Aug. 29 – Sept. 4)

(Houston Firefighters sizzle in on Aug. 29) Heroes aren’t always born heroes. Some of them are made and some we will never know by name. Houston firefighters (the real life heroes) will make an appearance on Aug. 29. Get your gear on with sticky accessories, superhero masks and magnet mazes. Train up with hidden sugar demos and estimation, and then put your powers to the test with optical illusions, tricks, and golden rod paper. 

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