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Why Choose Nutrisystem and Week 1 Weigh In

Why Choose Nutrisystem - Example Meal on Nutrisystem #NSNation Ad #Nutrisystem

Why Choose Nutrisystem. I was asked this question and had to share why I have chosen to do Nutrisystem. Why Nutrisystem and why now?


  1. I love food and food loves me. I like ice cream, pasta, pizza, muffins, chocolate. I love it actually. The diets that make me stop eating the things I love are bound to fail and they do. With Nutrisystem I can have my muffins, pasta, and pizza, and not feel bad about it.

Why Choose Nutrisystem - Example Meal on Nutrisystem #NSNation Ad #Nutrisystem2. I like to eat often. Check, on this plan I eat about every 2 hours. YES! every 2 hours. No fasting. No starving. No eating like a bird. I eat!

Why Choose Nutrisystem - Example Meal on Nutrisystem #NSNation Ad #Nutrisystem

3. Why Choose Nutrisystem? It is EASY! I like easy. I do not have time or energy to count carbs, calories, points, fat, etc. I want something that is easy to manage. My tracker and my app help me stay on track without worry or over thinking anything.

4. Grab and go! I also like to grab and go. I am a mom and have a 40 hour a week job. I don’t have time to make big fancy breakfast or lunches. I end up missing those 2 meals if I have to take time to cook anything. I love that I can grab a bar and go if I need to. Or pop something in the microwave and in one minute I am ready to eat. I can throw salads together in a heartbeat to pair with my entree. It is easy peasy! I put together my own bookcase. The kids know these goodies are off limits.

How to store Nutrisystem/ Why Choose Nutrisystem - #NSNation Ad #Nutrisystem

5. I want something that works. It has worked before and it will work again. I am sure of it! Have you followed the hashtag #NSNation? Look it up to see other bloggers that it is working for!


6. I save money.  I know you may think Nutrisystem is expensive, but for me, I save. I was going through the drive through many times a week. remember numbers 1, 2, and 3. I like to eat, eat often, and easy. That means many days I had Starbucks croissants or muffins for breakfast, a run to Sonic or Jack In The Box for lunch. Then I was too tired to cook for dinner, so we would go out a lot! So for me, having the food handy, when I need it saves me money!

Are you ready for my weekly weigh in?

Here we go….

This week on the Turbo Takeoff was hard. I will not lie. I wanted all my favorite treats. But it is kind of like going from 80 mph to 15 mph. You haven’t stopped eating, but after eating whatever I wanted, it felt like I did. I did my shakes and veggies for snacks. For a normal person I think they would have been satisfied. But I am not normal and had to change some serious overeating.
I am very excited to start the rest of the Turbo 10 this week. I get to add back my favorite fruits, nuts, and even grains!!! I can’t wait for this week.

Week one I lost…

Starting weight: 219.9

Week: 1 216.6

Why Choose Nutrisystem - Week 1 on Nutrisystem #NSNation Ad #Nutrisystem

Total lost 3.3

Yes sir! I’ll take it! The scale has only gone up for months. This is the first time it has gone down in a long time! Why choose Nutrisystem? Again, like I said it WORKS!

Who wants to go on this journey with me? Let’s do this! Weekly updates happening now!

Just so you know Nutrisystem is providing me this  program free of charge for my participation in the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program. No other type of compensation was received. All opinions are 100% mine and honest. This is always an honest review.
#NSNation Nutrisystem Blogger
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Find out more or to sign up visit Turbo Takeoff  today!

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  1. Wow!! Nutrisystem is something that I been always looking for losing my weight. Now I will be using it too. Thanks Heather for sharing this post šŸ™‚

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