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Preparing For Life With A Newborn- Tips For Expectant Parents

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When you find out you’re expecting, it’s common for friends, colleagues and even people you bump into in the street to offer advice and pearls of wisdom. In truth, nothing can really prepare you for life as a new parent, but there are some steps you can take to try and ensure you’re as ready as you can be. Here are some top tips. 

Make your home child-proof

Our homes become very different places when we add a little one into the mix. If you’re expecting your first child, you may need to make some changes to ensure that your house is safe, comfortable and secure. Set a thermostat, place a thermometer in your bedroom and the child’s nursery and consider investing in double glazing if your home tends to get cold in the winter. Once you’ve had your baby and it starts to move around more, use stair gates to prevent accidents and keep cleaning products and medicines in a locked cupboard. It’s also essential to ensure that wires and cords from curtains and blinds are tied securely out of reach. 

Shopping for essentials

If you’re counting down the days until your new addition arrives, there’s every chance that you’ve scoured checklists and shopping lists. While it can be beneficial to get tips from blogs and magazines, it is important to note that you might not need everything when your baby first arrives. Prioritize the essentials, such as a car seat, a cot, plenty of vests, diapers and wipes, a changing bag, sleepsuits, a baby bath, bottles and a pram or stroller. Visit stores like For Your Little One and focus on the items that you’ll need in the first few weeks. You can add products, such as clothes, toys and books as your baby grows. 

Taking time out

Life as a new parent is exhausting and it can be hectic and a little disorientating. While you have the chance, take some time out before your baby arrives to rest and enjoy time with your partner and friends and family. Take it steady as you approach your due date and try to ensure you get enough rest. 

Asking for advice

Pregnancy, giving birth and becoming a parent can be daunting prospects, and it’s natural to want to seek advice from people who have been through the same experiences, as well as medical professionals. It’s beneficial to ask people you trust for advice, but understand that everybody is different, and one person’s experience of birth or the first few weeks of life with their new baby may be very different from another person’s. It can be overwhelming to hear opinions from lots of people so don’t feel guilty if you find yourself wanting to enjoy time alone or change the topic of conversation. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself as you count down the days. Nobody is perfect and everyone struggles at some point. It is perfectly natural to be anxious, as well as excited.

Nothing can really prepare you for life as a new parent, but there are a few steps you can take to get ready. Make sure your home is comfortable and safe, enjoy downtime with your partner and friends and family, shop for essentials for your new baby and ask for advice if you feel like it would benefit you. 

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