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DIY Teacher Gift Idea: Crayon Pencil Holder and Vase

duck tape flowersWe love easy crafts for kids at this house. If I am going to craft, those little people are going to want to help, so it is really easier for me to pick things that they can help with. We needed a DIY Teacher gift idea for the first day of school, and decided to make a crayon pencil holder/ vase.

You guys, it does not get any easier than this!DIY teacher gift idea Crayola pencil holder

Step 1: Eat something from a can. Save the can and wash it very good. Peel the label from the can.crayola crafts

Step 2: Wrap the top with duct tape. Half on the can and half left sticking out.

Step 3: Fold the extra part of the tape over, into the can.

Step 4: Plug in the hot glue gun and grab the crayons.

Step 5: Decide where you want the crayons to line up. We had the points start where the tape stopped.DIY Crayola crafts

Step 6: Place a small line of hot glue where it will hit the middle of the crayon.

Step 7: Place the first few crayons.

Repeat steps 6 & 7 until you have covered the can in crayons. Let it dry.

Fill it something fun, like duct tape flowers, school supplies, gift card, etc.

diy crayola craft

That is it! Here is the easiest DIY Teacher gift idea you will find. It is fast, cheap and easy! YAY!

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