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2021 Word and Goal of the Year – CONNECT

I have decided on my word for 2021. After 2020 I feel like we, in general, but especially me, have lost having real connections. We say people are our “friends” just by clicking a button but do not know anything important about them. We have stopped calling each other on big days like birthdays, anniversaries, or even the birth of a child, and instead, post a grand message on their “wall” or tag them. Or maybe we actually text them. That is where my 2021 Word and Goal of the Year come in— CONNECT!

2021 Word and Goal of the Year - CONNECT

I feel like 2020 made me even more of a hermit. I am an “extroverted introvert”. I love people but also love to be alone. Can you relate? Being an extroverted introvert is a real thing. It is also known as an ambivert. You can take a quiz here. This was my result. Shocker! 🙂

And 2020 really made people like me embrace our inner introvert and we are doing all the things online and can literally go weeks without actually leaving our house. Groceries delivered. Dinner delivered. Church online. Work online. School online. You get it. We really crawled in our hole and loved it. But we need to poke our heads out and reconnect! At least I do!

I also learned how fragile life is. We survived Covid. But I know so many that were not as fortunate. There was death, hate, and sadness all around us in 2020 and it was a reminder that the devil is ever-present and we are not guaranteed tomorrow on this earth. I want to embrace every single day. Don’t you?

2021 Word and Goal of the Year - CONNECT

Sooooooooo here is what I want to make my personal goal. My word is:


  • I want to make real connections!
  • Reconnect with friends and family.
  • Connect with nature- Work on my plants, spend time outdoors, go for walks, do natural remedies, etc.
  • Rebuild my small and true tribe
  • Make phone calls (I hate talking on the phone FYI)
  • Send snail mail (Remember those old things?)
  • Spend quality time with those I love
  • Family and friends over for dinner once that is the ok again.
  • Or maybe I make dinner and deliver it to them.
  • Do at least 1 nice thing for someone else every day
  • Meet for coffee with my close friends even if it is over zoom
  • Join a club or church group and actually attend the meetings!!

✨What about you? How do you connect with people? How are you connecting during these weird times?✨

2021 Word and Goal of the Year - CONNECT

✨What is your goal for 2021?✨

✨Above all let’s remember to love one another this year. I pray 2021 is a year of peace, health, and love for ALL OF YOU! Thank you for being my people! ✨

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