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RealBeanz Iced Coffee: The Natural On-The-Go Iced Coffee

If you follow me, you know that I love coffee! Just check out my Instagram feed.

I love to try new coffee. Most of all I love easy! A typical morning for me involves waking up, turning on my Keurig and getting the kids ready. By the time I am ready to drink it, it is cold, so I pop in in the microwave. And then I forget about it. About 3 hours later when I finally remember to sit down and enjoy it, it is old. So I start over.

I recently discovered RealBeanz,  a convenient beverage that is not only flavorsome, but will keep me energized. It gives me the get up and go that I need and I do not have to wait for it. I do not have to prepare anything or forget about it. It is ready when I am!

It is full of awewsomenessRealBeanz iced coffee is a ready-to-drink coffee beverage created with premium brewed coffee, fresh reduced-fat milk, naturally wholesome ingredients, remarkable flavors and enhanced with vitamins and potent herbs for the best in health and flavor.

It has 100% natural ingredients and is delicious! RealBeanz products are made with all natural coffee beans. There are no artificial flavorings, colorings, sweeteners or preservatives. RealBeanz uses only fresh, artificial hormone-free (rBST-free), reduced-fat milk in all beverage products.

The Cappuccino with Coconut Water/Refresh is perfect for a mid day pick-me-up.

The Decaf Vanilla Nut/Relax is perfect for an evening snack.

Flavors include:

  • Cappuccino/Energize for a whirlwind of flavor, aroma and frenetic energy.
  • Caramel/Focus for a sharp beverage that cuts through the clutter and delivers brain-boosting benefits.
  • Mocha/Resist loaded with powerful ingredients that will undoubtedly add a boost to your body’s immune system and taste buds too.
  • Decaf Vanilla Nut/Relax made with naturally-calming herbs to soothe feelings of nervousness brought on by everyday stresses.
  • Diet Cappuccino/Trim & Fit enhanced with proven nutraceuticals that help burn body fat and increase lean muscle.
  • Cappuccino with Coconut Water/Refresh made with indulgent ingredients filled with electrolytes and key nutrients for hydration.
  • Dark Roast with Coconut Water/Refresh made with rich ingredients containing electrolytes and key nutrients for hydration

You can find RealBeanz at a store near you or online.

Connect with RealBeanz on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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