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Having an additional member of your family to take care of will always weigh on your mind, especially when you love them so much. Your dog is just like having an extra child, but you wouldn’t change it for the world. Not only do you worry about your furry friend in the same way as you’d worry about your little one, but you also think a lot about their overall health and what you can be doing to support their development. A pet dog is a wonderful addition to every family, so it’s important to prioritize their wellbeing and be mindful of the habits you create at home. With that being said, here are six simple steps that will help you to stay on top of your dog’s overall health so that you can feel in control of their physical wellbeing as much as possible.

  1. Regular Exercise

Exercise is one of the most important components of your dog’s lifestyle. It will prevent them from developing diseases and it will help them to maintain good physical health as they grow older. You can tailor your dog’s exercise regime to suit them as an individual; don’t push them into doing exercise they don’t enjoy or make them run around when they’re feeling tired.

  1. A Healthy and Balanced Diet

As you know, a healthy and balanced diet is a vital component of every dog’s overall wellbeing. When they are nourished with good food and plenty of water it allows them to have the energy they need to do everything they love to do, such as chasing balls and playing with their favorite humans. If you’re wondering how to improve dog gut health, you can support them with natural supplements and make sure you’re offering high quality nutrients in their diet. If you have any concerns regarding your dog’s gut health or digestive system go and see your vet for more advice.

  1. A Good Routine

Much like a baby, it’s so important to create a healthy routine with your dog from a young age. Dogs will thrive on a solid and consistent routine that they can predict. It will help them to eat well, exercise regularly and maintain positive mental health too. A good routine often involves getting up at a similar time, going for a walk in the morning, eating a healthy breakfast, resting for an adequate amount of time and enjoying quality time with your dog.

  1. Regular Sleeping Pattern

Sleep is another vital part of a dog’s health and wellbeing. Without the right amount of sleep they may struggle to concentrate and do their regular activities. Depending on the breed of dog, your pup should be sleeping throughout the day to top up their energy levels. On average a dog needs around 12-14 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period which is quite a lot more than a grown adult would usually need!

  1. Plenty of Attention and Affection

Much like us as human beings, dogs love to know that they are loved and cared for by their owners. Taking care of your pup’s mental health and giving them plenty of affection can help them to maintain strength and a good immune system too. Offer them cuddles, stroke their back and play with them as often as you can. Having a dog is a lot of fun, so make the most of all of the fun things they can bring to the family, and offer them plenty of affection and attention in every moment you can.

  1. Lots of Playtime and Stimulation

All dogs require their own type of playtime and stimulation, so it’s up to you to create a routine that they can thrive with. Offering toys, walks and runs around the garden will help them to stay entertained and happy as they enjoy every aspect of their life!

In some cases, things will happen to your dog’s health that are completely out of your control, but it’s important not to blame yourself for anything they develop or suffer with in the future. As long as you are taking the relevant steps towards caring for their overall health now, you will have done everything in your power to make sure they are adequately cared for at all times. Whether you’re paying particularly close attention to their gut health, or you’re making sure they’re always sleeping well, there are so many things you can do to support and nurture the physical health of your perfect pup.

Image from Pexels – CC0 Licence

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